Carl D. Shaw

Having over 20 years in law enforcement and having played a pivotal role in some of the nation’s most visible landmark cases, Carl Shaw has earned the recognition and respect of the legal community and his clients as a capable and compassionate attorney who will not flinch in the face of opposition.

During much of his 20-year tenure with O’Quinn Law Firm, Mr. Shaw also served at the South Texas College of Law as an adjunct professor in mock trial to Associate Dean Gerald Treece, widely known for his KHOU-TV appearances informing citizens of their legal rights. Mr. Shaw is AV rated as the highest independent rating for trial lawyers awarded by the Martindell Hubbell Group. 

Currently Mr. Shaw also serves as a command staff officer in a local law enforcement agency where he works with security and other operational issues for the Downtown Houston Courthouse Complex, employment/other legal challenges, training, warrants and other related issues. 

Prior to O’Quinn Law Firm, Mr. Shaw was member of a Harris Country District Court Staff where he gained a thorough understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings of our legal system and the perspectives of judges and other courtroom influences who greatly impact the outcome of a case. He also did an internship at the Texas Court of Appeals.

He began his career in the law at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department - a firsthand experience that gave him great empathy for and commitment to the people he represents in the legal system today. Carl holds a Masters Peace Officer Certification in the State of Texas.

Mr. Shaw earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Austin and  law degree from South Texas College of Law. Mr. Shaw was commended as the year’s outstanding male graduate by the Student Bar Association. He is an often-requested speaker in the community, and spends time doing work with various organizations in the community.

A devoted family man, Mr. Shaw advocates for causes he believes will leave the world a better place for his children.


Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw spent the early part of his career as a Geologist following receiving a Master’s Degree from Louisiana State University. Frank Shaw went on to add a Doctorate degree from the University of Houston in Law and had a legal practice, in downtown Houston, with the Stolbun and Shaw Law Firm.  Mr. Shaw’s technical education made him an excellent candidate to handle complex dispute litigation and resolution. Mr. Shaw had a large client base that included commercial transaction, family law, and consumer issue clients.

Mr. Shaw also handled criminal matters including acting as co-counsel in the trial of a case with famed criminal trial lawyer George Parnham.

For the last 20 years, Mr. Shaw has developed a strong specialization in real property issues such as search of title, examination of title, closing the transaction as well as policy issuance and claims handling. By virtue of his experience and his law license, Mr. Shaw provides the legal services necessary to examine title and close transactions.

Mr. Shaw graduated Law School at University of Houston in 1969. Prior to that, Mr. Shaw worked as a petroleum geologist, having graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor’s degree and later earned his Master’s Degree in 1959.

A committed steward of the community, Mr. Shaw dedicates a portion of his life to serving various charitable endeavors such as Pro Bono legal services and Children’s Charities.