Be Informed, not Ignorant about Privacy Law

In a world greatly influenced and impacted by technology and in particular, the internet, you will be ahead of the game if you spend time researching how to protect yourself against possible threats to your privacy – internet privacy. While in the perfect world we’d like to believe Privacy Law protects us  and that we control our information and it is wrong for your information to be accessed without your consent, the reality of it is you have much less control than you think and wrong or right, it happens. If you have not been a victim of privacy invasion via the Internet, consider yourself lucky. You might never but again, never a waste to be aware and protected.

There are steps you can take to ensure you  – and your privacy – are protected as much as possible. Note that the information provided in this blog does not include ALL ways to stay secure and if you feel there are other ways important to share, please know comments are always encouraged and appreciated. Also, stay tuned for subsequent blogs covering other Internet privacy aspects.

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