Commercial Law

We handle all business-to-business commercial disputes!

Shaw Law attorneys handle all business-to-business commercial disputes, as well as disputes within corporate entities, including commercial tort claims and disputes involving contracts, partnerships, and corporate control. Our attorneys are also experienced in complex issues with multiple parties, higher-level business decisions, and layers of regulations so trust us help you grow and protect your business.

Commercial law, or business law, deals with the conduct of persons or entities engaged in commerce, sales, merchandising and trade. It is vital to the US economy that rules of commerce be consistent from state to state. As such, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was drafted in 1952 as a recommended set of laws. All 50 states, the District of Columbia and US territories have adopted (with minor changes) this set of laws in an effort to create commercial harmony throughout all states.

Houston is not only an economic hub for the state of Texas; it is a national – and even international trading center. If you are involved in trade, you may find yourself in need of a Commercial/Business Attorney. Attorneys at ShawLaw understand the economic, political, and business issues in the Houston area and are committed to ensuring that cases in all businesses and industries succeed. Our attorneys are strategic thinkers who orient solid and effective plans for action.

Areas covered under Commercial Law are as follows:

Accounts Receivable Alternative Dispute Resolution Antitrust Arbitration
Auto Dealer Fraud and Lemon Laws Banking Bills of Exchange Business Organization
Carriage by Land & Sea Consumer Protection Corporations Debtor and Creditor
Deceptive Trade Financial Regulation Franchise Fraud
Guarantees Intellectual Property Investment Securities Landlord / Tenant
Leases Letters of Credit Limited Liability Companies Marine, Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Merchant Shipping Negotiable Instruments Partnership Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Principal and Agent Real Estate Law Sales of Goods Secured Transactions
Sole Proprietorship Trade Regulation UCC Unfair Competition