Defense For The Wrongly Accused

Standing up for the wrongly accused!

Standing up for the wrongly accused because when you are, EVERYTHING is at risk!

Perhaps you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps an eyewitness incorrectly tagged you for a crime you did not commit. Perhaps a friend committed an illegal act and YOU have been wrongly of accused of being involved. Perhaps a few drinks led to consensual sex that your partner now regrets and you have been accused of sexual assault. Perhaps police incorrectly focused a criminal investigation on you.

Regardless of the reason, you find yourself facing false accusations of criminal behavior. You need SHAWLAW. The experienced, aggressive Shaw Law attorneys can help. The United States Constitution articulates that each citizen is innocent until proven guilty. At Shaw Law we hold that valid as well and our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys is dedicated to helping falsely accused persons fight, and beat, ALL charges they face.

With proven results in difficult casesour attorneys will work toward getting the charges against you dismissed. Shaw Law attorneys represent falsely accused clients in most areas of civil litigation including: