Family Law, Divorce Attorney

Extensive Experience!

At ShawLaw, our network of attorneys provides comprehensive family law services to clients in Houston. Not only does Shaw Law bring extensive experience to these cases, ShawLaw attorneys not only provides pre-litigation counseling and client preparation services, we also have the depth and breadth of experience to handle overlapping matters, such as bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning.

Contested Issues and Matters

Issues in family law have many components. The Houston Lawyers at ShawLaw listen to your concerns and help you devise a strategy to help you move forward. We take time to break down the issues and help you decide on a path that makes legal and “emotional” sense. In many instances we understand a client’s focus is not just on the client but also the client’s children and other family members. Whether we are working as consultants or part of a litigation team, we will work to make sure that you understand the path forward and have reasonable goals for the outcome of your engagement of our firm. Whether your case involves complex child issues or complicated property division issues, we bring a unique strategy and a large network of resources to bear on each case.  With many decades of counseling and trial experience, ShawLaw attorneys know how court systems operate and will make sure that YOU benefit from that experience.

Uncontested Issues and Matters

An attorney can make this life change in transition and much easier. If you and your spouse are going through an agreeable divorce, a simple divorce case, Shaw Law will offer excellent counseling and documentation services to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. There is tremendous value in having seasoned counselors who know how to work to maintain the peace while moving your agreement process forward. Even in “uncontested divorces,” the capacity to have someone who can maintain the calm and communication throughout the process is an invaluable tool.

Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Integrity. Professionalism. Unparalleled client service. Superior representation. These are the core values that have always benefitted ShawLaw clients. Our values are evident in our domestic relations practice – whether when we are handling divorce cases or cases involving:

  • Domestic violence and protection orders
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Paternity actions
  • Adoptions
  • Grandparents’ rights

The attorneys at ShawLaw are not only attorneys, we are counselors and family members with children, we understand stress and are aware that even the minimal hostility to a stressful legal situation does not work in anyone's best interest. ShawLaw  attorneys can be fierce litigators when demanded, but we also help prepare clients for a variety of situations such as giving statements, medical and psychological exams, court appearances as well as seeking out positions of compromise and agreement when necessary. At ShawLaw we provide and encourage a comfortable, respectful atmosphere while offering strong, solid legal advocacy.

In our years of practice, the personable staff and accomplished network of professionals that are part of the ShawLaw family have worked with countless clients, many who have returned when a new legal need arises. ShawLaw offers a creative and cost-effective solution to get your case settled – even if it sometimes seems overwhelming to you. Our attorneys and staff offer candid assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of each case.