Negligence Attorneys

Tough Cases Demanding a Tough Team of Attorneys!

ShawLaw represents individuals whose lives are forever changed by professional negligence. When dealing with a negligence case, you need an experienced professional negligence attorney. Such cases involve medical malpractice and insurance agent error as well as professional negligence of architects, engineers, and accountants. When relying on the expertise of and investing full trust into a professional in any area of practice, the negligence of those professionals can have a profound effect on people’s lives. ShawLaw appreciates that and knows the right action to take to make sure clients are protected.

Shaw Law has evolved into making sure that every single client gets the rights that the law affords them. Plainly put, ShawLaw attorneys are experts in handling negligence cases. A few of the areas of negligence we practice include:

ShawLaw has handled cases throughout the Houston area involving the design, engineer and construction of residential and commercial projects. When design professionals (such as architects and engineers) fail to include safety as a key component of their work, the people are unfairly and unjustly put at risk. Our attorneys have the critical experience in prosecuting claims against architects, engineers and contractors when sloppy or reckless work endangers lives. Shaw Law also handles claims against insurance agents who fail to properly procure insurance. Anytime an individual or a company enlists the assistance of an insurance agent, a fiduciary obligation is established which places significant trust with the insurance agent. When an insurance agent fails to provide appropriate, sound advice or fails to secure the appropriate coverage, ShawLaw attorneys aggressively ensure individuals and corporations are properly protected.

The attorneys at ShawLaw are not only attorneys, we are counselors and family members with children, we understand stress and are aware that even the minimal hostility to a stressful legal situation does not work in anyone's best interest. ShawLaw  attorneys can be fierce litigators when demanded, but we also help prepare clients for a variety of situations such as giving statements, medical and psychological exams, court appearances as well as seeking out positions of compromise and agreement when necessary. At ShawLaw we provide and encourage a comfortable, respectful atmosphere while offering strong, solid legal advocacy.

In our years of practice, the personable staff and accomplished network of professionals that are part of the ShawLaw family have worked with countless clients, many who have returned when a new legal need arises. ShawLaw offers a creative and cost-effective solution to get your case settled – even if it sometimes seems overwhelming to you. Our attorneys and staff offer candid assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of each case.