It seems like an age old issue for homeowners and builders to have some post sale issues about the purchase of a new home. Most homebuilders have ramped up their service after the sale knowing that this would be the best way to avoid some the frustration that naturally seems to occur after such a large transaction. A pre-sale list of issues that need to be resolved prior to closing is called a “Punch List. ” The “Punch list” is the way that there is a fixed scope of work to be repaired for the homeowner and the homebuilder to be complete with the transaction. Often, the Punch List repairs may take place even after the home purchase is officially closed.

In most instances, the Punch List is completed and the transaction is safely consummated. Be sure that when you are closing your home that you get a copy of all warranties or construction guarantees that go with your home so you have some idea of the time period within which you should bring issues related to the home to the builders attention.

There are instances where the Punch List is not completed or certain types of problems/defects with the home turn up afterwards. Being that a house is usually a large purchase and what has become your home is now defective, real distress seems to set in. It is most important that you send the homebuilder a detailed list of the issues that have come up. Use pictures, days and specific circumstances related to the problem or defect in your letter to the builder. Use more data and less drama when explaining your issue as well. Dramatic letters are usually not well received by builders or by future listeners to your story (including a jury or arbitration panel.) In many cases, your home has a certainty warranty that needs to be evaluated or certain time periods to point out defects, and their consequences, to the home builder. At Shawlawtexas we have advised numerous consumers about some of their rights related to challenges surrounding what to do with their home when certain aspects of it are failing. For most homeowners the process of getting the situation rectified seems daunting. A defective home puts tremendous stress and mental anguish on relationships and usually the homeowner’s health. An attorney at Shawlawtexas with some experience in this area can help you with simple problem strategies and in some instances arbitration or litigation. Our hope is that a simple letter offering to amicably resolve the situation will get you on the road to completion. If that does not work, we can help you effectively design other strategies to help with a defective home.