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When you need a personal injury lawyer, product liability attorney, commercial litigation specialist or Texas family lawyer, you want an experienced team with a proven track record of success for their clients.

Attorneys of Shaw Law Firm have tried and settled a variety of personal injury, product liability, commercial litigation and family law cases for people just like you – preserving their legal rights and delivering the justice they deserved. While working full-time as Assistant Chief, Harris County Constable Precinct 1, Carl has also consulted extensively in high profile cases requiring expert jury selection, deposition preparation, witness testimony preparation, and advising individuals and businesses with legal issues where to find the best legal representation.

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Successfully resolved a case involving the poor construction of a new home. The case featured a large new construction home that was built on an improperly prepared foundation. The home suffered widespread defects. Various aspects of home warranty, complex engineering principles and construction were needed to properly get this case resolved.

Successfully mediated a personal injury settlement for a hard-working, 65-year-old woman who collided with an 18-wheeler on her way to work. A long-time, reliable bookkeeper for a reputable business, this loyal employee recovered the property and personal injury losses created by the truck driver’s recklessness.

On the eve of jury selection, Shaw Law successfully settled this personal injury lawsuit after extensive depositions and discovery. A wife, mother and computer-aided designer in the oil and gas industry went to the hospital with a kidney stone, though her condition was undiagnosed by the hospital medical team, leaving a widespread infection to consume her body. The failure to properly monitor the patient led to this Medical Malpractice case dealing with the misdiagnoses of the patient’s condition and failure to properly monitor. This otherwise healthy woman wound up a quadruple amputee as a result of the hospital’s conduct.

Negotiated a personal injury settlement during jury selection for a 31-year-old woman who suffered a fourth-degree vaginal tear during childbirth. The tear was quickly and improperly repaired right after birth. After an infection set in, instead of getting an expert and allowing the infection to heal, the tear was improperly re-repaired again in haste. Some of the healthy tissue was re-approximated or cut out in the second botched repair. Eventually a colorectal surgeon was sought out independently by client, but client was left with significant long- term and disabling damage. This young mother was unable to effectively perform her job being incontinent of bowel. This young marriage fell apart under the pressure. She received compensation for her losses through a negotiation that prevented her from enduring the duress of a long jury trial.

Successfully resolved a class action/mass action personal injury lawsuit initiated by a patient who received a dose of medication contaminated with Hepatitis C. As a result of the contamination, several patients became infected with hepatitis. Multiple cases were successfully resolved for clients prior to going to trial.

Successfully resolved an oil rig injury case in which Plaintiff received catastrophic injuries and permanent damages. Plaintiff was totally disabled and unable to work or take care of himself. Oilfield pipe fell from a crane and crushed plaintiff on a rig. Plaintiff was sole breadwinner and also operated the families’ small farm. The Plaintiff lost some mental capacity, the use of one arm and major function in one of his legs. Case required development of issues involving crane operation and accident reconstruction. There was also extensive discussion about the condition of the equipment and policies and procedures. Future life care plan required for development of long-term damages. The case settled before trial.

Successfully settled a Premises Liability case involving a client who had arm gashed, through to the muscle, on a piece of unprotected glass inside of a hotel room. The hotel room was small and cramped and the table was made of non-safety glass. When the woman got up to go to the restroom she leaned over against the table, which broke into shards and cut into the muscle of her arm. The case was mediated twice and resolved prior to trial.

Successfully settled a  case involving an injury to a worker who was subsequently improperly medicated and improperly monitored. This was the son of a wonderful retirement aged couple who had a special relationship with their son. Plaintiffs alleged hospital negligence and nursing negligence. The Plaintiffs also successfully demonstrated a personal injuries damages model for a single adult male. The case went through discovery and depositions and settled before trial.

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