Decades of Experience!

With decades of experience in pre-trial and trial strategies, we have the expertise in witness preparation, themes, dispute resolution and overall trial preparation consulting.

Our team of trial lawyers and other professionals specialize in preparing witnesses for trial, mediation or deposition. We handle cases of civil law, family law, personal injury, corporate, criminal and others.

We understand the importance of preparation of a witness in both verbal and non-verbal behaviors to maximize the credibility of the witness. Our method is both systematic and personalized for each case.

During witness prep we assess a witness in several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Anger, Fear And Trigger Analysis
  • Stress Level And Stress Management
  • Physical Presentation
  • Verbal Presentation
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Cross Examination Practices And Tools
  • At Shaw Law we can also help design effective direct and Cross examinations for fact and expert witnesses

Then we personalize each preparation based on the initial assessment of the witness. This process maximizes the witness credibility guiding him/her through the process and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This winning formula has proven itself over and over with both our clients and other attorney’s clients alike. With decades of experience as trial attorneys we have the expertise in witness preparation, theming, and overall trial preparation consulting.

The tools of our trade include, but are not limited to:

  • Specialized initial interviews to give lawyers and client a cost effective case management ideas
  • IME preparation
  • Better understanding of psych evaluations
  • Preparation and understanding related to court appointed attorneys, mediators and facilitators
  • Mock court room sessions
  • Cross examination sessions
  • Personal counseling sessions
  • Wardrobe consulting
  • Use of presentation tools
  • Speech and tempo consulting

Many witness preparation consultants have never seen the inside of a court room. We are dedicated to bring our extensive dispute resolution and court room experience to the preparation of our clients.

Yet our preparation services don’t end there. We also use this trial experience to theme cases, shape discovery requests and responses, writing opening and closing remarks and developing the overall case strategy for our clients and other attorneys. We can and have traveled widely and offer some sessions via Skype or other teleconferencing tools.

We deal with direct client cases as well as preparation of witnesses of other attorneys.

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